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Polk Hinge Wireless On-Ear Headphone Review

Wires?  We don’t need no stinking wires!  Polk’s latest on ear headphones, the Hinge Wireless have done away with wires and it is indeed for the better if you ask me.  

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Polk Unveils Striker Pro Headsets at E3

Polk, a company with over 40 years of audio experience, tossed their hat into the arena of gaming headsets not too long ago. We liked what we saw when we reviewed the Polk 4 Shot, a headset made for the Xbox One. For those looking for a cheaper option, they released the Striker headsets soon […]

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Polk 4 Shot: Xbox One Headset Review

Polk, a company with 40 years of experience in the audio business, showed off their latest in gaming headsets at PAX Prime 2014. They had an attention-grabbing set-up for playing Forza and nice display of their headsets in their various available colors. Specifically, PAX-goers got to try out the soon-to-be-released Striker Zx and the now-available […]