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Focus on Sound – Audio-Technica ATH-AG1 Gaming Headset Review

Let’s take a short break from Comic Con coverage to look into some gaming tech! At RFMag, we’ve covered a variety of gaming headsets geared towards the casual to professional gamer. They provided a handful of functions while dancing around the practically standard $200 in price. But what about the gamer that would rather do […]


Turtle Beach Drops the Hammer! Marvel Earforce Seven Headset Review

  Are you a serious gamer that still is looking for a reputable gaming headset? Are you also still hyped after seeing Thor: The Dark World? Well, what if Turtle Beach launched a Thor: The Dark World inspired headset with their latest Earforce SEVEN line equipped with an in-line amplifier? What if I stopped asking […]

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What is Next Gen, and Why it Matters

We are just a few short weeks away from the the launch of two new major next gen consoles, and at the moment, it may be hard to understand why we even need them. Things don’t look much better when you look at the launch titles and realize many of them are the higher quality PC […]

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Miscommunication: Gaming Headsets and the PS4

Earlier last week, news regarding the compatibility between gaming headsets and the PlayStation 4 surfaced. Multiple gaming headset companies  have come clean in saying that most of their current products would work with Sony’s new system, but not right at the system’s launch.  While the PlayStation 4 does come with Blu-tooth support, there are currently […]

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E3 2013 – Playstation Press Conference Recap

  When Sony says that their main priority has and always will be the gamers, they totally meant it. Tonight Sony not only dropped the mic on Microsoft, they did a roundhouse kick on them as well. During a two hour long E3 press conference, it was clear that Sony knew it’s competition and was […]

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PSA: DUALSHOCK 4 Close Up and Personal

It has been about two months since Sony has released any detailed information regarding the PlayStation 4. Today they are giving fans a closer look at the DUALSHOCK 4 with a new informative trailer. Some key things to take away from the video is the tracking system Sony has built in correlation to the PlayStation […]