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Lions, Tigers, and…Pomeranians? (Tokyo Jungle Review)

Does anyone remember Life After People? It was a documentary that aired on the History Channel a few years ago that explained how the planet would naturally alter itself if humanity instantly vanished. Over the course of two hours, the documentary explained how vegetation would break through cement, climates would change, and animals would inherit […]

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Rock Band Blitz Review

It seems like only yesterday Rock Band changed the way we viewed music games. No longer were they a solo exercise of challenge and an ever continuing struggle for the next higher score. The music game became something social, to be enjoyed with friends at a party. Today, music rhythm games have lost their relevance, […]

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In case you missed ’em, last week’s gaming news today (Week ending on 5/25/12)

Another week has come and gone and only the gaming news remains. Continue reading to see all that happened last week…   

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Two Great Download games hit a million units in record time!

Proving the strength of digital distribution and small clever games, Both Minecraft and Walking Dead past major milestone this week!

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Kim Swift Quantum Conundrum Interview

While at PAX East, I got some face time with the very charming and creative, Kim Swift of Air Tight Games where we talked about the upcoming title: Quantum Conundrum. Kim is famous for her work on Left 4 Dead as well as being the Co-creator of Portal.

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Walking Dead Release Trailer

I can’t speak for everyone here at Royal Flush, but I like Walking Dead; the zombie violence, human drama… unlike most zombie works, the world of Walking Dead feels like it could really happen. I also enjoy Tell Tale and Adventure games, I case you didn’t notice from my favorable reviews of  Sam and Max from literally forever ago. […]

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Quantum Conundrum Preview

Fans of Portal, thirsty for a new first person puzzler this year need not fear, Quantum Conundrum by Airtight Games and Square Enix is here to fill that void (or should I say, Portal) in your heart.  You play as a quiet 12 year old boy visiting your Uncle Professor Fitz Quadwrangle, you are tasked […]

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On the Outside, Looking In – PSN Outage Thoughts

I have always had this internal struggle with myself. Growing up, I owned the original Playstation and was definitely a Sony fan girl. In fact, part of me still is. I own a Sony mini-disc player, Walkman, camera, memory cards, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), PSP, and a slim Playstation 2. So, when the Playstation 3 […]