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Resident Evil 6 – Preview

The Resident Evil series has explored the possibilities of genetic mutations and provided what argumentatively can be considered one of the most realistic representations of a zombie outbreak. As a small town, it was believable that Raccoon City’s police department would be overwhelmed by a biological threat until the government intervened; the T-virus outbreak remained […]

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In case you missed ’em, last week’s gaming news today (Week ending on 5/25/12)

Another week has come and gone and only the gaming news remains. Continue reading to see all that happened last week…   


Return to the Horror in these Resident Evil® 6 Screenshots and Trailer

Resident Evil always holds a special place in my heart but since I can’t finish RE5 with it’s dim witted AI, I’ve been very wary. But after checking out the announcement trailer and screenshots, my initial hope is rekindled yet again. Hopefully, the “evolution” that Capcom continually keeps promising for Resident Evil 6 doesn’t hinder […]

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New York Comic Con 2011 – Oh, the Cosplay!

New York Comic Con came and went but the pics remain! A HUGE thank you to all of the cosplayers that were kind enough to stop and let me snap a pic! You guys are my favorite part of Comic Con and every year I’m blown away by the detail and creativity. And without further […]