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Plantronics RIG 4VR Gaming Headset Review

After fizzling out in the early nineties, VR is back in a big way. Thanks to Oculus’s immensely popular Kickstarter and the strong marketing hype that followed, we now find ourselves in the year 2016 with some big players in the market. Without going into too much detail, we have Sony, HTC and a few […]

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E3 2016: Plantronics Showcases New RIG Gaming Headsets

Plantronics continues to dabble in all things audio, whether it is for casual listening, business, or gaming. At E3 2016, Plantronics showcased their most current line-up of gaming headsets in the RIG 400 Series, the RIG 600 and the more recently announced, the RIG 4VR. Offering different tiers of headsets for gamers of varying needs […]