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River City: Knights of Justice Review (Nintendo 3DS)

River City: Knights of Justice is a small digital title from the River City / Kunio series of games have been coming out as of late. It’s a straight-forward dive into the side scrolling brawler script that the series is known for. It’s chock full of the familiar pudgy character sprites that you’ve see in […]

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E3 2017: New River City Ransom aka Kunio Games Showcased

Boy am I glad that we’re not done covering Kunio-Kun / River City Ransom games!  Natsume Inc. had much success from their last River City Ransom game, River City: Tokyo Rumble. River City: Tokyo Rumble was showcased at E3 2016 and we loved what we saw when we reviewed it here. Endeavoring to continue the 30 […]