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Rocksmith goes to ELEVEN – First Impression Preview

It was about a year ago when the web buzzed about Rock Band 3 and it’s ability to finally allow gamers a way to learn how to play guitar and bass. However, it’s innovative buzz came and went. I hardly ever see a pro player on multiplayer these days. Instead, the uniqueness of the game was […]

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Summer Lovin’: Favorite Mobile Games of the Moment

While the weather outside is quite delightful, the gamer inside of me always has to have a game on hand. While I used to carry around my PSP and DS, I kept getting frustrated with games that didn’t allow me to save whenever I wanted to. Being constrained to save at certain points are counter […]

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Fast Review – Gears of War 3 Beta First Impressions

This one is going be a quickie on my first impressions of the Gears of War 3 multi-player since I was lucky enough to get my hands on a beta code. While I haven’t been playing it much, I have watched my favorite fellow writer, double-jump, play and I must say there were many a […]

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Rock Band 3 Review

It can be hard to believe that the original Guitar Hero just came out only 5 years ago. In that time, we’ve seen music games flourish, evolve, oversaturate the market and then get pushed aside for the next big cash-in for  publishers (Modern War Shooters.)  Harmonix, the driving force for music games, has gone through quite […]

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E3 Editor’s Choice: “Dance Central”

Everyone knows my love for Harmonix. It’s not really a secret. You can click on my “GamerGal” tag up there and see countless articles on “Rock Band” and my fanaticism for each and every installment. Harmonix developers are revolutionaries. With each and every game release, Harmonix tries to change how gamers interact with music. “Rock Band” brought together four people to create a band and play together on instrument replicas. “Rock Band 3” will finally bridge the gap between gamers and professional musicians. And now, we’ll be able to dance our hearts out in Harmonix’s upcoming release entitled “Dance Central”

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The Jesus of Suburbia Finally Hits Rock Band – Green Day Rock Band Review

From the moment the game was announced and it was revealed that you would be able to export the songs and play them in Rock Bands 1 through 3; everyone was totally excited. I could see that excitement whenever I passed by the Rock Band setup at Pax East as they were demoing Green Day: Rock Band. […]

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Confirmed: Green Day: Rock Band. Yay?

It was all over the internet hours before the Spike VGA awards and now it’s official, the next band to get their own stand alone Rock Band title will be Green Day. While I am still holding out hope for a Queen or Muse Rock Band, hint hint, I’m ok with a Green Day game. […]

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The Beatles Rock Band Sneak Peek!

The Fab Four Go Gamer

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Introducing My Latest Addiction: Rock Band 2

gamerGal here with the dish on all things gaming and in my very first post I thought it would be nice to profess to the world my undying affection for Harmonix’s Rock Band 2. This was a love affair that blossomed earlier this year with the original Rock Band. Singing hours on end, unlocking song […]

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Rock Band 2 Track List Revealed

Who will you pretend to be while smashing a tiny plastic drum kit?