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Use Your Android Phone Like a Switch – Razer Junglecat Controller Review

We are plenty excited for the new Razer Kishi we saw at CES. However, it is time to double back to another Razer mobile product that we were reviewing while our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide was being posted. After dropping the Razer Raiju Mobile, Razer released another mobile gaming solution for Android and Windows devices. […]

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Project Pre-owned: Tekken 6 Revisited

Ask anyone what their favorite fighting games is and most likely you’d get one of the following responses: Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, or Tekken. All personal favorites of mine but when Tekken 6 was released for the XBox, I was definitely all over it. More excited for Tekken than Street Fighter actually since it […]


Introducing Project Pre-Owned

For some reason I have become a little uninspired. To be honest, I know that there’s a whole slew of games coming down the pike this year but all the ones I was really looking forward already came out for me. So, I needed something to re-inspire me to write and share with you folks […]