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E3 2016: LucidSound Showcases the New LS20 and LS40 Gaming Headsets

  After our sparkling review of the LS30 Gaming Headset, we couldn’t wait to see what LucidSound had in store for announcements at E3 2016. LucidSound, the company started by the founders of Tritton, showcased their latest additions to their gaming headset line-up in the form of the LS20 and LS40. Aiming to offer multi-tiered […]

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LucidSound Wireless LS30 Gaming Headset Review

It wasn’t too long ago since Mad Catz acquired Tritton, an established gaming headset company. Since then, Tritton founder and CEO, Chris Von Huben, as well former Product Manager and Developer, Aaron Smith, held on tightly to their passion for innovation and creativity in the field of gaming audio. This hold was so strong, that […]

CES CES 2016 Gaming PC Playstation Preview Tech Wii Xbox

Mad Catz Showcases R.A.T.1, TRITTON Katana, and E.S. PRO | #CES2016

Last year at CES 2015, Mad Catz continued to display their gaming chops with the unveiling a CES 2015 Innovation & Design 2015 Award Honoree, the Mad Catz L.Y.N.X. 9 Mobile Hybrid Controller. This year at CES 2016, they continued their award honoree run with three new products. Debuting this year are the E.S. PRO […]