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Free Music From The Greatest Japanese Video Game Composers!

IMPORTED is the brainchild of the top Japanese Gaming composers including Dr. COVA from the Sonic series and Yu Shimoda from the Mega Man franchise.

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E3 2014: Nintendo Lineup

All aboard the Nintendo Hype Train! Non-stop service from here to Awesometown! In all seriousness, Nintendo had a lot to prove going into E3 2014. 3DS has been doing very well, but the Wii U continues to struggle with a sparse library and dwindling 3rd party support. To combat this, Nintendo has deployed their most […]

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This Just In: ‘The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct’ Trailer and DLC Info

  Today, I present to you Activision® and Terminal Reality’s official trailer for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct as well as a breakdown of the pre-order offers. Check out the press release below.

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Sleeping Dogs Video Preview

Sleeping Dogs was a game I first encountered while at PAX and loved it. The game promises a cohesive mix of combat inspired from the Batman Arkham games, third person cover shooting, action packed driving and light parkour in an open world framed as a John Woo inspired Hong Kong Action movie.  In it, you play […]

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San Diego Comic Con 2012: Silent Hill Revelation 3D Recap

Silent Hill has been on everyone’s mind ever for the past six years. For some, it marked the beginning of a hopeful movie franchise that brought back that all too familiar creepy feeling from the games. Images soon surfaced featuring horrific looking nurses in a familiar run down hospital. Could this help fuel a renewed faith into […]

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Rock Band Blitz Video Preview- Power Ups

Looking to put that mountain of Rock Band DLC to good use when your band isn’t around?  Check out the throwback arcade music title, Rock Band Blitz this summer on XBLA and PSN!

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Quantum Conundrum Review

It’s hard to not be struck with Déjà vu at the start of Quantum Conundrum. In short, it’s a science themed first person action physics puzzler not unlike the Portal franchise. In fact, Quantum Conudrum’s lead designer Kim Swift, was the co creator of Portal and involved in the making of the Left 4 Dead […]

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Max Payne 3 Micro Review

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t played any of the previous Max Payne games. This fact has less to do with a lack of interest and everything to do with my parents actually taking concern with my emotional development as a kid, taking the time to learn about games before going out buying […]

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This Week in Gaming – Week ending on May 4th, 2012

A weekly digest of all things gaming curated by Dani, GamerGal (@RoyalFlushGal) on This week, Royal Flush takes a look at the week that was as everyone gets excited for the week ahead. This week… Modest Law shared his interview with Airtight Game’s Kim Swift.Check it out here! Skyrim gets Kinect Support – See More […]

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Kim Swift Quantum Conundrum Interview

While at PAX East, I got some face time with the very charming and creative, Kim Swift of Air Tight Games where we talked about the upcoming title: Quantum Conundrum. Kim is famous for her work on Left 4 Dead as well as being the Co-creator of Portal.

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Zuma’s Revenge (DS) – Return of the Casual Game

Zuma’s Revenge (Popcap Games) is the sequel to the original game, Zuma. In it, you must survive a newly evolved world of Zuma that is ruled by evil tiki bosses.  You play as a frog spitting colored balls to knock out paired matches of  balls traveling along a predetermined path toward a skull. The balls  which are […]

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Conan and Andy Lending their Voices to “Halo 4”

I think the video pretty much speaks for itself. Enjoy!