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New York Metal Fans Still ‘Mad About’ Slaughter

If there was only one word to describe Slaughter’s recent headlining performance at The Space at Westbury, ‘loud’ would be fitting. The metal quartet, led by former Vinnie Vincent Invasion vocalist Mark Slaughter, brought their raucous show to Long Island, N.Y. on Wednesday, August 15, and proceeded to thrash the eardrums of the hundreds in […]

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Former Crue Singer Releases First ‘Live’ Album

Ask any average metal fan what their favorite Motley Crue song is and you’ll likely receive a wide range of answers, ranging from early, pre-Elektra Records picks like “Live Wire” or “Too Fast For Love,” breakthrough-era selections such as “Shout At The Devil” or “Looks That Kill,” and consequent, post-rehab tunes like “Kickstart My Heart” […]