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Sonarworks True-Fi : Unlock Studio Sound In Your Headphones

Sonarworks is a European audio software developer founded in 2013, specializing in software solutions used by top studio mixers and sound mastering engineers. Their expertise runs deep in the recording studio industry, where their software Reference drives the work of sound creators on headphones and speakers. Here, they took that expertise and packaged it in […]

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Sony WH-1000XM2 Noise-Canceling Headphone Review

Reasons for wanting, or even needing, a wireless noise-canceling headset might vary: What if your office switched to an open layout and you’re finding it difficult to focus with tons of noise going on all around you? What if you just want to tune out your surroundings during your morning or evening commute? What if […]

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Sony Electronics Adds Three New Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones to the 1000X Family

Last month, Sony Electronics announced three wireless headphones with noise cancellation technology. These new additions enable listeners to escape the noise and focus on the music they want to hear with the headphone style of their choice. Whether your headphone style preference is in-ear, behind-the-neck, or around-ear, Sony Electronic’s new additions to the 1000X line […]