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Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller for Xbox One and PC Announced

A week before we head off to Pax West and not too long after we reviewed the Razer Thresher Ultimate headset, Razer just announced a new addition to their lineup of Xbox One peripherals. The Razer Wolverine Ultimate gaming controller for the Xbox One and PC takes Razer WildCat build and goes much much further […]

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Pax Prime 2015: Razer Announces Wildcat Xbox One Tournament Grade Controller

Today at Pax Prime 2015, Razer announced the Razer Wildcat Tournament Grade Controller for Xbox One. Razer’s own unique counter to the Xbox One Elite Controller, the Razer Wildcat, features a bevy of functions and physical tweaks to establish itself as a proper tournament grade controller. Carbon steel necks for the analog sticks and optional […]