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SDCC 2013: A Peek at TMNT Out of the Shadows

At San Diego Comic Con, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were out of the sewer and onto the Xbox Public Demo room for all to play. The 4 player beat em’ up had fans of the old arcade series and newcomers alike lining up to play. The game sported the campy art style of today’s […]

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Rock Band Blitz Review

It seems like only yesterday Rock Band changed the way we viewed music games. No longer were they a solo exercise of challenge and an ever continuing struggle for the next higher score. The music game became something social, to be enjoyed with friends at a party. Today, music rhythm games have lost their relevance, […]

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Two Great Download games hit a million units in record time!

Proving the strength of digital distribution and small clever games, Both Minecraft and Walking Dead past major milestone this week!

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Kim Swift Quantum Conundrum Interview

While at PAX East, I got some face time with the very charming and creative, Kim Swift of Air Tight Games where we talked about the upcoming title: Quantum Conundrum. Kim is famous for her work on Left 4 Dead as well as being the Co-creator of Portal.

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Walking Dead Release Trailer

I can’t speak for everyone here at Royal Flush, but I like Walking Dead; the zombie violence, human drama… unlike most zombie works, the world of Walking Dead feels like it could really happen. I also enjoy Tell Tale and Adventure games, I case you didn’t notice from my favorable reviews of  Sam and Max from literally forever ago. […]

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In case you missed it, here’s this week in gaming (Week ending 4/20/12)

In the week that ended with bad jokes about 420, it was pretty uneventful. A few games were announced for 2013. And betas were opened for all the world to see. We also got a brief walkthrough of Pax East from our very own Steph, who was featured on Xplay! So, let’s look at the […]

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XBLA Indie Game Speed Run

So for those who may follow me on Twitter, which are not many of you, (Self-condemning remark to fish out more followers so I can feel more important) I have been on a Team Fortress 2 and Rock Band 2 binge. Those are my two fall back games when I have nothing better to do, we all […]