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CE Week 2014: Introducing the Polaroid Cube

CE Week 2014: Polaroid Cube

Super adorable. Tiny. Durable. The Polaroid Cube certainly got our attention during CE Week 2014. “With an innovative 35mm square body around which the signature Polaroid Color Spectrum is emblazoned like a racing stripe, the Polaroid Cube is instantly recognizable as being unlike any other product in its category.†” The Polaroid Cube is the newest Polaroid lifestyle camera which provides high-definition resolution, a water-resistant housing, ultra wide angle lenses and a simple, one-button operation.

“The Polaroid Cube represents a fresh, unique approach to the action camera category, and is emblematic of everything the Polaroid brand represents,” said Scott W. Hardy, President and CEO of Polaroid. “Polaroid is known around the world for helping people capture and share life’s most memorable moments instantly and easily, the Polaroid Cube was designed to allow virtually anyone to do exactly that. Whether it’s mounted to the handlebars of your child’s bicycle to capture their expression during that first ride without training wheels or to the nose of your surfboard while you brave Oahu’s North Shore, the Polaroid Cube does it all.”

CE Week 2014: Polaroid Cube

The Polaroid Cube captures video in high-definition 1920 x1080 or 1280 x720, and still images at 3.0MP. It also contains a wide angle lens that provides 124° of coverage so you can’t miss a thing and should be capable of recording up to 90 minutes. It also features a microphone and LED light, offers 2MB in internal memory and supports up to 32GB with micro SD card†.

CE Week 2014: Polaroid Cube

We also got a preview of the vast varieties of accessories which include:

  • Wearable Pendant:
    Makes carrying the camera fun and fashionable. Can be worn around the neck or clipped on a belt loop, backpack, keychain and more!
    Includes silicone case, 90cm lanyard and metal hook
  • Helmet Mount:
    Mounts easily to virtually any helmet with 3M stickers, Bottom is slightly curved to attach to any helmet
    Includes universal clip that allows the Polaroid Cube camera to attach/detach easily
  • A Monkey Shaped Mount:
    This novelty item makes mounting the camera fun and easy to use
    Magnet built into the bottom of the camera easily attaches to the magnet at the top of a monkey shaped stand
  • Waterproof Case:
    Waterproof up to 10m and shockproof
    Waterproof case connects to all mounts
  • Suction Cup Mount:
    Suction cup mount can be used with the universal camera clip
    Easily mounts to a flat, smooth surface with the strong suction cup
  • Bike Mount:
    Mounts easily and securely to bike handlebars with a clip on attachment
    Includes universal clip that allows the Polaroid Cube camera to attach/detach easily
  • Tripod Mount:
    Universal metal insert fits all standard tripods
    Includes universal clip that allows the Polaroid Cube camera to attach/detach easily
  • Strap Mount:
    Insert 1” strap to securely fasten the camera onto virtually anything
    Includes universal clip that allows the Polaroid Cube camera to attach/detach easily

The Polaroid Cube looks like the perfect companion for adventure seekers looking to capture their adrenaline filled escapades. The Polaroid Cube and accessories will be available in this Fall for $99.99 and accessories will range from $9.99 to $39.99.

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†Denotes Source: Polaroid Cube Press Release

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