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R.A.G.E Review: Moto 360

When Samsung jumped into the smartwatch arena with the lineup of Gear watches, we all knew it was a matter of time before competitors came out with “better” and more unique designs. Motorola jumped into the fray by embracing the Android Wear wearable OS and most importantly departing from the commonly seen square design to give us a smartwatch that was round and looked like a well-crafted timepiece. Did Motorola succeed in creating something you’d want on your wrist or just another toy? Read on and judge for yourself.


The Android Wear OS is definitely a work in progress in terms of playing nice with non-Nexus phones since certain Google Now features are not native or need a bit of tweaking to deliver the notifications you want. If you rely primarily on Gmail and Google Hangouts for communication then you will have no issues. If you use Samsung’s messaging or a different email client then you will lose out on those notifications since the list of apps is still growing. Since I was using this device with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 I had to switch my texting client to Google Hangouts which has not been totally terrible. The beauty of Google Now on the Moto 360 comes from the voice activated features which work with minimal issue. Do you want to set a reminder or send a text with the Moto 360? All you have to do is speak to the watch and the Google Now/Android Wear does the rest.

I would have liked Google to improve the ability to receive notifications from other apps much like Samsung did with the Gear Fit which had a drop down where we could pick notifications for various apps. I am sure Google will remedy this in the future, but at the moment using every Google app feels a bit forced especially since Android is about customization and openness. I’d love to be able to get notifications from Skype or Facebook Messenger on a more consistent basis.

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