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R.A.G.E Review: Moto 360

When Samsung jumped into the smartwatch arena with the lineup of Gear watches, we all knew it was a matter of time before competitors came out with “better” and more unique designs. Motorola jumped into the fray by embracing the Android Wear wearable OS and most importantly departing from the commonly seen square design to give us a smartwatch that was round and looked like a well-crafted timepiece. Did Motorola succeed in creating something you’d want on your wrist or just another toy? Read on and judge for yourself.

Moto 360 Review


Many reviewers felt that the Moto 360 had poor battery life, but upon turning on the device for the first time and installing the OS update I noticed battery life is actually quite good. I start my day around 7am and by the time the watch goes into its charging dock I still have roughly 50% battery life. If you’re going to be checking your updates every few minutes then your results may vary, but for my usage the battery life has been fine. I do recommend picking up a spare charging base to use in your office or  your car if you want to keep it charged, plus if you lose that base you are essentially screwed when it comes to charging the watch (that is of course if you don’t have a Qi charging base for your phone already). If you do have a Qi wireless charging pad then it will charge your Moto 360. The Moto 360 charges very quickly and is usually at 100% within an hour or so.

Ease of Use

The Moto 360 truly is a pickup and go device. The voice activation makes it a pleasure to use and even with my New York accent it picked up commands easily. Composing text messages had an 80% success rate I’d say. Setting reminders, navigation, and all the other features worked smoothly.

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