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R.A.G.E Review: Moto 360

When Samsung jumped into the smartwatch arena with the lineup of Gear watches, we all knew it was a matter of time before competitors came out with “better” and more unique designs. Motorola jumped into the fray by embracing the Android Wear wearable OS and most importantly departing from the commonly seen square design to give us a smartwatch that was round and looked like a well-crafted timepiece. Did Motorola succeed in creating something you’d want on your wrist or just another toy? Read on and judge for yourself.

My Take: Everyday Use

Everyday use of the Moto 360 during the review period has been a pleasure quite honestly. If I forget to place the watch on a charger I can throw it on while I get my morning stuff done and by the time I am prepped to go it is charged.  The first thing I’ll do is ask for the weather and then see if there are any traffic delays and off I go. When I arrive at the office the phone goes silent and I continue getting my notifications throughout the day courtesy of subtle vibration. The only notifications I don’t get are ones from Skype which I use throughout the day but again if you rely on the main Google ecosystem then this will be a non-issue.

Some users have complained about connection drops and I will tell you that I only experienced it once and it was remedied with the Moto Connect software. It was just a matter of reconnecting and going about my day.

My Take: Fitness

The fitness portion of the Moto 360 was the usual tracking of steps and heart rate monitoring which was in line with readings and steps from my Note 4. The discrepancy between steps and heart rate readings were small and may not even be a factor for most if they are using other fitness bands and/or tracking methods.

If you want to try fitness tracking you have two options at your disposal. The first is Android Wear’s fitness tracking interface and the second it Moto Body which can track heart rate, steps & distance and calories burned. The app you choose is based on preference in my opinion as each gets the job done, albeit the tracking analytics from more dedicated devices like Fitbit or Jawbone provide more information.

The only thing I missed which the Gear Fit had was sleep tracking, although I am sure Android Wear and Moto Body will integrate that feature eventually.

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