Relive the New York City Moto X Launch

  Last night Motorola was prepared to show off the new Moto X, the First Smartphone to be Assembled in the U.S. The lavish event featured some celebrity appearances from Nana Meriwether (Miss USA 2012), Elaine Hendrix, Lucy Punch, Zosia Mamet and Common. But we can’t forget to mentions the dozens of Moto X’s on […]

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Samsung’s New Galaxy Tab 3 Launch

Announced June 24th, Samsung is coming out with the Jelly Bean-using Galaxy Tab 3 Series of tablets. The tablets will come out in 7, 8 and 10 inch variants, with each version differing somewhat in specs. Each tablet will be available in white and new “gold brown” and will come with the traditional Samsung suite […]

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Switch to a Logitech G710+

I’ve been a fan of Logitech’s gaming series keyboards (“G Series”) since the release of the G15 in 2005 (which I still have in storage).  After owning it for a number of years, I replaced it with a mechanical gaming keyboard.  If you have never used a mechanical keyboard before, I highly suggest you give […]

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[Review] Tylt Samsung Galaxy 3 Phone Cases

When you think about it, your Samsung Galaxy 3 is a rather expensive investment. Couple that money you spent on the S3 with a quick search on YouTube and you can get extremely afraid of what a single drop could do to your phone. At this year’s CES, we saw a ton of cell phone […]

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Hisense Unveils the Sero 7 Tablets

On May 23rd in New York City, Hisense introduced their contribution to the crowded Android tablet market and explained why the Sero 7 series of tablets deserve our attention. They pulled no punches by teaming up with NVIDIA and Walmart to ensure their attack is a little more than a just a jab at their competition. […]

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Your Own Private Cloud – Transporter

The calendar year is 2013. Cloud is all the rage and so is crowdfunding. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when a Kickstarter project like the Transporter came along but I was – very pleasantly. In the past, like many folks, I’ve depended solely on cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive and Skydrive. […]

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[Review] Urbanears Bagis and Plattan

To say I review a lot of headphones would be a grave understatement. Like I have said countless times before, audio is key to any experience so it’s only natural that I would gravitate more towards trying out various headsets. Today, I introduce you, once again, to Urbanears; a line of headphones that are not […]

CES CES 2013 Review

[CES 2013] MUNITIO NINES and SV Review

Company and product information were provided by MUNITIO’s official website, as well as images. Products were provided by MUNITIO for review consideration.   Back in January, merely minutes before we would be ushered out of a Las Vegas venue hall I spotted the MUNITIO booth. Usually during CES, if it’s anything audio related, I’m instantly […]

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[PAX East 2013] Powerhouse Gaming Laptops by ASUS & MSI – First Impressions

In the world of PC gaming, it is commonplace for your traditional PC gamer to have a rig that they built themselves. I still have mine, although it was built during the creation of Stonehenge. But how about your closed-quarters gamer looking for a desktop replacement? Not everyone has the space for a 500 key […]

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Hi-diddle-diddle, time for a riddle? – The Riddler X MIMOBOT Contest

I’ve been teasing it all week, and finally the time to reveal this month’s prize is here! One lucky mo’fo will win a limited edition The Riddler X MIMOBOT® 8GB Flash Drive. So, what’s a Riddler X MIMOBOT® 8GB Flash Drive you ask? Based on a classic styling of the elusive querying madman, question marks adorn his questionably […]

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Samsung Unpacks the Galaxy S4

Last night, Samsung unveiled their much anticipated S4 to the masses and the response is pretty mixed. It’s pretty clear that Samsung is continuing it’s all out assault on Apple. For the past year, Samsung’s targeted marketing campaigns aimed towards taking jabs at the iPhone and it’s users. There was no mistaking that Apple is […]

CES CES 2013 Review Samsung Tech

CES 2013: Samsung TecTile Programmable NFC Tags Review

In anticipation of tonight’s Samsung announcement, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my thoughts on the TecTile® Programmable NFC Tags which are now available. For those who might be unfamiliar with what NFC technology, NFC stands for “Near Field Communication” and it’s technology that is akin to bar or QR code […]