Pebble releases new SDK for Pebble Time – Check Out What’s New

Pebble Returns to Kickstarter
Pebble Returns to Kickstarter with Pebble Time
Three exclusive Kickstarter colors

Pebble took the internet by storm last week. Raising millions of dollars in funding for upcoming release their latest watch – Pebble Time – in mere hours. Starting last week, developers can now test drive Pebble Time with the Developer Preview of the SDK. “With the SDK, developers can start designing and building new color apps for Pebble Time, or upgrade their current apps to support [the upcoming watch]. The SDK now includes an entire emulator (in the cloud or on your local machine) so you can try out your apps before you get your [watch]. Documentation for the timeline APIs is available as well” stated Pebble in a press release last week.


  • 8-bit Possibilities
  • 010 Types of Apps: All apps compiled with SDK 2.x run on 3.0.
  • Color Support
  • Pebble Emulator
  • PNG Image Support
  • Ability to Animate All the Things!
  • Ability to use the new Timeline Feature
  • New UI Elements
  • PebbleKit iOS and Android

For more details, please check out the developer blog post here or the Kickstarter update here.