Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 Wireless Earbuds Review

Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 Wireless Earbuds Review

Performance and Final Thoughts


Now for the meat and potatoes of any headset… Do they even sound good?

The answer to that lies in what makes the BackBeat GO 3‘s custom 6mm drivers unique. The drivers in the BackBeat GO 3 have been “widened” to allow for a wider soundscape in audio presentation. In that, Plantronics absolutely succeeded. They were able to achieve a sound in ear buds that feel as if it is playing all around you. That sound, comes across balanced and crisp complemented by a very warm bass. Percussion is sharp and your vocals (mid-range) come across nice and clear. Those ear tips, as mentioned before, are intended to seal the acoustics of the BackBeat GO 3 in your ears. When that seal is engaged and the BackBeat GO 3 is playing, you are treated to a vibrant and clear listening experience that surrounds you and warms you with a prevalent non-muddy bass.

You will, however, have to appreciate the BackBeat GO 3 for the sound and features it brings in, and not so much for the sound it sends out. The mic brings in much of the background sounds on the user’s end as they speak in a phone call. You’ll find yourself wanting to keep convo’s short because of this. Should you look into the BackBeat GO 3, you should be looking for an enjoyable and highly compact listening experience, not a hands free headset solution for long calls. Plantronics already excels at making those devices. Here, the clearly focused on the listening as the mic is added as more of a standard utility for taking the short, music-interrupting call.

If you can handle that minor draw-back, and wait for more features to come via the PLT Hub app, then the BackBeat GO 3 is definitely a product you should look into. The BackBeat GO 3 is an excellent wireless ear-bud solution that’s comfortable, jam-packed with features, and brings an audio quality that anyone can appreciate.  A reasonable price point of $99 will get you just the BackBeat GO 3 in “Cobalt Black” and “Copper Gray” color choices. Go up to $129 and get the snazzy charging case with your BackBeat GO 3 with an extra color choice of “Granite Black”.

Do check out the BackBeat GO 3 for yourself here.

† Plantronics’ BackBeat GO 3 review unit provided by Plantronics.