LG stepped it up in the materials department with the V10. Gone is the plastic/cheap feel and instead, you get a great textured back with some steel accents. The volume and power buttons are on the back of the device and the placement takes a bit of getting used to. I was good with the button placement within two days of consistent use. Results will definitely vary, though.

The power button not only turns the device on and off but is also a fingerprint reader. I’d rate fingerprint detection on this device as well executed but at times not effective due to button placement (you have to get your finger just right). The star of the show though is the 16mp camera that has a 1.8 lens and image stabilization.

LG did a great job by allowing the V10 to have expandable storage and a removable battery as those are things that are becoming less and less prevalent from most manufacturers.


The 5.7-inch display is incredibly sharp and bright with some solid black levels. The display has a 2,560 x 1,440-pixel resolution and is super responsive. While the main screen was stellar, the real item that needs to be addressed is the second screen. The 2.7 “second screen, while decent for notifications, may be seen as being “too small”  by most and not as informative as we would like. Emails, missed calls and other notifications were good to access on the fly but you could get the same info from the pull-down shade most times. I felt this addition was done as a direct shot at Samsung and their Edge series of phones. I am sure the second screen will be more versatile in future incarnations of the device. It was not terrible don’t misunderstand, just not a feature as rich as you would think.