Night photography not only looks stellar but maintains a large percentage of its details. I am inclined to say that the V10 camera is actually better than the one on my Note 5. The software interface for the camera is intuitive and easy to use for a quick point-and-shoot situation but is also deep enough to hold its own against other well-established cameras and mobile devices. The manual mode for the camera really impressed me and made shooting with this phone a blast.

The front-facing camera was solid and while it was good for a wide-angle selfie, I felt the handset really did not need a dual camera. I felt that addition was a bit on the excessive side but given the increased selfie and Snapchat usage nowadays it does have its place. Users can opt for the standard 80-degree lens or they can show more background or more people via the 120-degree lens.

Front Facing Camera 80 Degree

Front Facing Camera 120 Degree

The camera also allows for multi-view recording which utilizes all three cameras (two front and one rear) on the V10. This unique feature allows you to capture the people around you and the scene in front of you at the same time.

Multiview Recording
Another unique camera feature was the gesture shot and view which allows you to shoot and review photos using only gestures. If you are a hardcore selfie taker this feature will see a lot of use. I would have liked some voice commands as well just for those instances when you don’t want to use the gesture controls.



While we know that LG knocked it out of the park when it comes to photos, we have to ask ourselves if the video is just as good. I am pleased to state that it most certainly is. The video capabilities will certainly give point-and-shoot cameras a run for their money. Image stabilization not only leads to clearer photos (in most situations) but again outperformed the Note 5. Manual controls add an additional layer of customization to an already feature-packed camera. Here are the items that can be tweaked via manual video mode:

  • Stereo Sound Level Meter: allow optimal setting of input levels
  • Resolution & Frame Rate: support various formats such as slow motion
  • Audio Controller: adjust the direction of sound recording and alter the directional microphone capabilities with a choice of front, side or omnidirectional.
  • White Balance: for precise control of lighting
  • Manual Focus: choose and change which objects are in focus
  • ISO: adjust the amount of light
  • Shutter Speed: capture fast-moving objects clearly

The manual video modes and on-camera editing suite truly give you a mobile studio on the go and make it easy to take video clips and create something special. I was very impressed with these features and loved taking them through their paces.