HTC 10 Review

HTC 10 Review

Display, Sound and Multimedia


The HTC 10’s 5.2 inch Quad HD display is impressive, showing off a vibrant display of color and clear visuals even in brightly-lit settings. Shown below, the display is strong, even directly under a florescent light, with low brightness settings. This works especially well in aiding battery life when you’re able to see clear and colorful images in the sun without having to turn up the phones brightness too much.

The Boomsound stereo speakers are an excellent complement, giving you a great straight-off-the-phone video watching experience. Each speaker has a dedicated amplifier, ensuring that each perform according to HTC’s high sound standards. The sound is very clear and strong, coming with theater and music listening modes to give you listening options to fiddle with.

HTC’s focus on sound didn’t stop there. The HTC 10 utilizes a custom-made headphone amp for delivering twice as much power of a traditional headphone amp. They also brought back the custom DAC (digital to analog converter) seen in the HTC One A9 for giving you that closer-to-home sound experience as the song or sound creator intended. Beyond that, the HTC 10 is capable of producing 24-bit audio, touting 10 times less sound distortion than other devices on the market.

What does that mean for you? It means one of the best sound presentations you can get on a smartphone with or without the use of a 3.5 mm connected headphone.  The visuals are colorful, vibrant and crisp while the audio is loud and powerful. When using a headset, the quality of your listening experience is only limited by the quality of  the headset you’re using. That’s because the HTC 10’s custom headphone amp and DAC is pumping some of the best quality audio that it (or pretty much any smartphone out today) can. Throw HTC Boomsound into the mix and you have a strong audio experience that you can customize for your own preferences.

Overall, the multimedia experience with the HTC 10 is top notch. The HTC 10 makes you look forward to watching videos or listening to music on your phone during your trips or just casually, without a headset, at home.