The Doctor Is In! Dr. Pepper That Is!

Dr. Pepper mucky mucks a while back, doubting Gun N’ Roses would ever release ‘Chinese Democracy’ in 2008 are now wishing they’d kept their mouths shut.  A while back the tough guys in charge of Dr. Pepper said that they’d give every American a can of Dr. Pepper soda the day ‘Chinese Democracy’ debuts.  The time is soon, real soon.  Be looking for the CD early November.

Dr. Pepper in honoring their word.  On the day of the release you must go to Www.DrPepper.Com and register to receive your voucher for a free can of delicious Dr. Pepper.

I honestly don’t know how much of a Guns N’ Roses album it will be on account Axle is the only original member in the band.  Who knows though.  Anybody can easily fill Slash’s big hat anyways.  Rock on kiddies!