Time to (Transporter) Sync Your Files

Transporter_Sync_-_Front_LR_1024x1024A few months ago I wrote up a review of the original Transporter which allows any user to set up his or her own cloud network for file storage.  Some may view the device with a wary eye as it costs about $199 with a 500GB hard drive.  The price point may have been off putting for some but with the Transporter Sync, there’s really no excuse to not free yourself from certain cloud storage services that cannot guarantee 100% privacy and charge recurring fees.  The device can be pre-ordered directly (at this time) from Connected Data and is slated to ship on 11/15.

How it works is quite simple.

Connect the Transporter Sync to a router via Ethernet, connect any external USB 2.0 or higher hard drive and install the Connected Desktop software and you’re done.  Although you will have to create an account on the Transporter website, it’s only for folder access control purposes.  All the data is encrypted and kept private.  No one sees your files but you and, of course, the folks you decide to share with.  Simple right?  Yes.  Yes it is.  Although the initial launch may have been a little rough around the edges, the supporting software has come a long way this past year in terms of functionality and flow.  Instead of mapped network folders, the Transporter now shows up as a Favorite on the left hand side of the explorer windows much like Dropbox.  All the user has to do is click and drag files he or she wishes to share and voilà, you’re done.  In addition, files can be made available offline by simply right clicking on the shared folder and choosing “Move to Transporter Folder.”Transporter_Sync_-_Back_1024x1024The mobile version of the Connected Desktop software also received an upgrade.  While the initial release involved only the iOS version, Connected Data released an Android version of the software alongside 2.0.  Both are functional and easy to use.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan and I’m genuinely excited about the product and I’m seriously considering distributing the Sync among family members. It would sure beat sharing crummy low-res baby photos via SMS.  In addition, since I keep a number of work related documents on the Transporter, it’s saved my posterior on more than one occasion!

The Transporter Sync and the original Transporter can be ordered (and pre-ordered) here. And from now until 11/30 you can save 10% off all Transporters (including the Sync)! Simply use the code is RFMAG when checking out.