Torque t103z Headphone Review

Torque t103z Headphones

Headsets are a dime a dozen. Some feature all-in-one packages while others allow you to customize the headset to your liking. Customization is the case with Torque’s t103z where you are in the driver’s seat creating the best experience you want for your ears. Curious to see my thoughts or does this sound like the experience you have been waiting for in a headset?

The Torque t103z is an in-ear headset with a patent pending Passive Acoustic Val Technology, also known as PAVT. This technology allows you to customize the headset exactly the way you desire. The marketing ideology behind this brand of customization is that you can tune your car to perform, so why not your headset?

The headset is well made, aluminum and plastic is what you get here – pretty tough with an orange and black finish which are two of my favorite colors. Once you take off the black cardboard packaging, you are greeted with a durable metal case and in it you get the earplugs, swappable valves with built-in wrench, headset and carrying case. Aside from the headset’s appeal, the Torque t103z features high velocity, full bandwidth, dynamic 10mm driver in weight balanced machined metal construction and a tangle free cable system.


The Torque t103z comes with three valves with additional valves sold separately via The included three valves with your first initial purchase of  Torque t103z are as follows:

1. Red Valve – The red valve is the most balanced valve which stays true to the audio that you are listening to without any changes. Putting these on for me was alright at first but I realized that they were not for me because I like my “highs” when I listen to my audio.

2. Yellow Valve – The yellow valve is the bass valve. If bass is your thing then this valve is definitely for you. I used it a few times but I like my “highs” and too much “bass” is a turn off for me, personally.

2. Black Valve – The black valve is the highs valve. This valve shifts it to high gear and this is my valve of choice which delivers clear and crisp sound.

The Torque t103z is made for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. I’m not sure if that’s the reason that the in-line microphone didn’t work for my Samsung Galaxy S3. The mute button did work just fine. I believe that Torque has something here, a highly customizable headset that you can tune to your liking. It is well packaged and build with a neutral color finish. My only gripe is that the mic didn’t work for me when I tested it but overall I really dig it and I look forward to seeing what Torque does in the future.

The Torque t103z retails for $179.95 and please check out this link to find out where to purchase.


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