Weeds’ Season Premier

I guess I kinda forgot about Weeds.
Seems like the season finale aired years ago. I forgot how funny it was, I forgot how I cringe at the sheer insanity of the situations, I truly forgot that it was a biting black comedy and I really forgot that Kevin Nealon was funny and not so bad an actor.

If you haven’t seen an episode of Weeds than you are truly missing out on one of the best cable drama/comedy/what ever you wanna calls its.

Quick seasons I and II synopsis:

  • Widowed house wife needs money
  • Widowed house wife starts selling pot
  • Widowed house wife meets good looking black man
  • Good looking black man develops own strain of kind bud
  • Widowed house wife and good looking black man go into business together
  • Widowed house wife starts dating someone a drug dealer shouldn’t date
  • Law enforcement troubles
  • Drug dealer troubles
  • Dating troubles
  • A crazy dead beat brother-in-law
  • Two problem children
  • A slew of insane, and highly original friends and acquaintances

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

When the Weeds season finale aired last year I thought they should end it there. I couldn’t imagine it being topped. It was one of those moments where you’re saying aloud, “no, no way, Oh my god, Jesus H Christ! Can this situation get any worse?” And with every twist and turn of the plot/plots you find yourself drawn in tighter and tighter.

So, with this Monday’s premier I was skeptical. But sure enough, Mary-Louise Parker and company delivered picking up on the edge of a cliff hanger only to push further to the next.

I’m the kind of guy who really hates spoiling new discoveries for others so I will not elaborate on the events of the episode. I will however highly recommend those who are fans to try not to miss the encore presentation and for those who are Weeds virgins all I can say is Netflicks.