Who needs sleep? Come Co-op with me! – Halo: Reach Review

The most anticipated game ever is dropping the final curtain with it’s latest release: Halo: Reach. And can I start off by saying that this game is truly more fun when playing with a group friends. Sure, you can play through the campaign but Halo: Reach truly shines when you get your closest friends together. From the stunning graphics to the extremely customizable Spartan characters and multi-player experience, Halo: Reach is a culmination of everything we have been waiting and longing for from the creative minds at Bungie and well worth the wait.

In the campaign, players will be able to play through the tragic and heroic story of the Noble Team as planet Reach is humanity’s last line of defense to prevent the Covenant invasion. With a whole new arsenal of weapons and kits, the fast paced game play and the worlds are impressive. But the fun doesn’t stop there. With bigger and badder guns, come bigger and badder enemies. The new additions to the Covenant army are hell bent on seeing the Spartan team destroyed. The Covenant is also armed with an upgraded arsenal as well. Additionally, we say goodbye to the annoyingly long loading screens. They are replaced with seamless cut scenes that are customized to include your newly created Noble Team Spartan which you can control almost every single detail with. Right done to your character’s voice.

But there’s more!

Remember, I told you everything is customizable. When you’re done playing through the campaign, you can hop onto the multi-player or Firefight modes. There you can play around with the countless settings to ensure you have the best multi-player experience possible. Whether you’re a pro or casual Halo player, you’ll be able to set up your multi-player experience to suit your playing style. And once you combine that level of customization with a few creative minds, you can have some interesting results.

And that leads me to my most important point. While it was nice to get the game early, so I could play through for my review, I was looking forward to inviting my closest friends over to play the multi-player modes with me. The co-op experience is truly the best part about this and any Halo game. Grabbing your friends together to play through the campaign as well as through all the multi-player modes is extremely fun. Don’t get me wrong but the AI isn’t all that bad but after a while, you prefer to share the game play with another human being.

You can’t laugh at your deaths with the AI.

You can’t show off your impressive head-shots and kills with the AI.

The AI is sometimes an awful driver.

The AI will sometimes just sit around in the sidelines while you go off and kill the incoming Covenant enemies. Yes, this did happen and drove me insanely crazy!

Your friends just won’t do that. Your friends will follow you into the fray and battle alongside with you. That is why, I’m looking forward to playing with everyone in the my friends list. If I haven’t played with you in a while, don’t be surprised if you get a Halo: Reach game invite from me.

Words can’t possibly describe how much I absolutely love this game! If you haven’t picked it up already, I highly suggest you do. I’ve been dying for this game since it was announced. I have watched all the footage prior to launch and now that I have the game, I can’t wait to sit down and play it with my friends now that it’s officially launched. It’s just that good! However, if you still don’t believe me; I highly suggest to give it a spin and check it out for yourself. It’s a must buy for any Halo fan and any co-op gaming fan.

Now excuse me, I think I’m going to give up sleeping tonight to get a few more rounds of Firefight in.