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Splatoon Inks its Way to Wii U!

Last year, when you heard third-person shooter, you wouldn’t think Nintendo would spark up in your mind. Fortunately they have unveiled that they will be making a brand spanking new major IP coming out this May available only on Wii U. Splatoon: tactical squid based combat where you have to ink your way to victory […]

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E3 2014: Nintendo Lineup

All aboard the Nintendo Hype Train! Non-stop service from here to Awesometown! In all seriousness, Nintendo had a lot to prove going into E3 2014. 3DS has been doing very well, but the Wii U continues to struggle with a sparse library and dwindling 3rd party support. To combat this, Nintendo has deployed their most […]

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Lego The Hobbit Preview: Building middle earth one brick at a time

  Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to play a demo for Lego: The Hobbit. The demo consisted of two levels of the full game, a visit to Bilbo Baggins’s home in the shire, and exploring the Goblin King’s caves. The build I played was not a final version of the game, but from […]

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[CES 2014] Charge Up Your Life with Nyko

  Since 1996 Nyko has provided consumers with innovative and affordable peripherals. Gamers and tech junkies alike have been able to greatly enhance their technological lifestyles with great products to fit each of their individual needs. We have shared our love for Nyko’s Wii U accessories in the past, but what does the future hold […]

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Nintendo Direct Recap: A Glimpse into the Near Future

This morning Nintendo presented a fresh Nintendo Direct that gave some insight into what Wii U and 3DS owners could expect in the coming months. Satoru Iwata gave out a few tidbits of information regarding a few anticipated titles such as Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Rayman Legends, and Pokemon Rumble U. Not to […]

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SDCC 2013 – Up Nintendo’s Sleeves

According to video game hardware sales research, Nintendo has seen a steady increase in hardware sales over the past few weeks – including a 137% sales global sales increase with the Wii U. Certainly games like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Shin Megami Tensei IV, the digital release of New Super Luigi U, and the impending launch of […]

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EarthBound releases on Wii U VC…TODAY!

Nearly eighteen years ago, a little role playing  game was released on the SNES that quickly became a beloved favorite and a classic. EarthBound has become one of those games that every gamer needs to experience at least once in their life. Original copies are extremely hard to find, however. Back in 2008, Nintendo of […]

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Nyko Pro Commander and Uboost Review

    The Wii U™ has been out for a little over six months. Since its initial release, Nintendo’s new system has sold nearly 3.5 million units worldwide. The Wii U’s gamepad touch screen has offered an unique way to experience new installments of beloved first party titles like Super Mario Bros. and changed the way to play […]

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San Diego Comic Con 2012 Lost Footage – “Injustice: Gods Among Us”

Over the coming days I’ll be digging deep into my archives and sharing some content that I might have overlooked direct from San Diego Comic Con 2012. Today let’s dig into some “Injustice: Gods Among Us” gameplay featuring Superman, Flash, Harley Quinn and Nightwing. They are two separate battles both showcasing the important role the environments have within […]

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Wii have what U need to know

Earlier this morning, Nintendo held a press conference in New York to finally release long awaited launch information on their newest home console: the Wii U. The Wii U will be on par to the PlayStation 3 and XB0x360 spec wise, making it the first Nintendo console to support full high definition. In additional to […]

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Zumba Fitness Core – First Impressions

I am simply fascinated by the fitness gaming revolution. I can remember getting my cardio while playing Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) in the arcade. Eventually bought my own pad and brought the cardio workout home. But, naturally, finding time to workout while having a full-time career and family is hard. You’re always either tired or […]

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Gamescom 2012: Press Conference Highlights

Today was a day jam packed with news that one would have hoped would have been announced way back in June from E3. New IPs and exclusive console features highlighted each and every press conference I watched today. From being able to use your Vita in new an interactive ways with your PS3, to even […]